Special edition for Carolyn and Michelle

16 dec

Today, exceptionally, the blog is in English.

Jeg undskylder lige på forhånd – jeg har faktisk hele to engelsktalende læsere! Det synes jeg er ret godt klaret – så dagens indlæg er derfor på engelsk til ære for dem! Og skulle du få lyst til at læse noget andet så kan du læse kapitel 16 i julekrimien herovre – den har jeg nemlig skrevet!

I have heard that my blog is read – either by the doubtful help of Google translate – or by the valuable help from a Jane I know, by american readers.

So, that makes two English speaking people, or Americans to be exact, who dare to enter the world of King Mom on The Apple hill. Now that is a fact that makes me really proud. Imagine that two people actually want to get through the barrier of the weird Danish language to be able to read the stories of my funny life. That is just such a huge thing!

Unfortunately my English is far from being subtle enough to express what I do in Danish, and this text will have been corrected by my dear Fiona before popping up at your screens. Thank you Fiona – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

But as they honor me – I therefore have decided to dedicate today’s blog to Carolyn and Michelle – in English!

Hope you both can feel that I’m waving with both arms!!

Language is strange. And I do know that it is a tiny percentage of the brain that is being used in the spoken part of language. All the rest is body language, mimics and all the other funny applications the human body has stored on the hard disc.

The spoken – or in this case written – language tends to be very useful when wanting to communicate with aliens or other species such as Germans, Chinese or my two sweet Americans readers!

The funny thing about languages is that the more you know the easier it becomes to learn a new one.

Language is also useful when young people try to communicate with other youngsters from another country. Today I went to Caen with the Diva and some other pupils – not as a mom – but as the president of the parents association to assist at an award ceremony.

The reason of our presence at this ceremony was to be found in the annual exchange with another European school class. The school project done for this exchange was so fabulous that they won a prize.

First – for long and numerous minutes we were listening to men taking themselves very serious, before they got to the point – the young students in Calvados that worked hard on those prize winning projects.

The mayor even dropped by to congratulate the Diva and kissed her – the French way on the cheeks! She just didn’t know who it was until I told her..

Of course I chose that moment to make a complete fool of myself, and dishonor the whole school, not to mention my poor daughter.

By the end of these long minutes I had this awful tickle in my nose.

In fact I am sure that a mosquito bit me on the inside of my nose last night. It has driven me absolutely mad all day. The bite that is! Haven’t seen the shadow of any mosquito.

I have to say that it really is not very nice to have the inside of your nose tickling, not only does it tickle a lot, but the charm of having a finger up your nose every five minutes, is rather limited, if you see what I mean.

So trying to act like a lady with my fingers far away from my poor nose, I tried to concentrate on the speeches contemplating the different projects.

And then.. I could feel it coming. A sneeze sneaking up from behind! I really tried my best to retain it but it was so much stronger than me. And while my fingers were desperately seeking that funny spot where you can stop almost any sneeze, that very same minute the sneeze went off.

As my fingers were blocking both nostrils what happened was that an enormous sound spluttered out!

So embarrassing I can tell you.

Luckily I was standing in the back so no one really noticed that it was me, but still. The sound was hanging in the air for ages.

And the Diva immediately was sure it was me when she heard the sound, but then she dismissed the thought as totally ridiculous.

And the sound didn’t sound like a sneeze, not even a Danish sneeze, but more like someone snorted scornfully.

And that, unfortunately, is very international.

8 kommentarer til “Special edition for Carolyn and Michelle”

  1. Ellen 16. december 2011 hos 07:20 #

    Haha – du forstår da at få opmærksomhed; måske ikke helt frivilligt, men jeg begynder så småt at forstå, hvordan dine børn kan have det en gang imellem 😉
    Og så må du altså meget undskylde, men min første tanke, da jeg så dine ‘students in Calvados’ var ‘blomme i Madeira’ – den poppede simpelthen lige op, og frem for mit indre blik tonede et underholdende billede af studenter 🙂

    • Kong Mor 16. december 2011 hos 08:42 #

      Fniiiiis – det kunne være jeg skulle sende idéen til Anthon Berg 😉 kunne være de kunne markedsføre Studenter i Calvados 😉

      Nå.. og så til den mere alvorlige del.. JEG ER IKKE PINLIG.. der sker bare ting sommetider – som jeg ikke er herre over 😉

  2. Svenne 16. december 2011 hos 08:01 #

    Det kan man vel kalde bemærkning med kongeligt nys, kan lige se scenariet for mig, jo mere man koncentrerer sig om at det skal holde med at “kilde” jo mere må man nyse. Håber det gik godt alligevel.

    • Kong Mor 16. december 2011 hos 08:44 #

      Ej men jeg siger dig – det var ikke et nys – det var en kæmpe SPRUTLYD.. Totalt malplaceret… 😀

      Det gik ellers fint.. nok mest fordi ingen opdagede at det var mig der kom med den meget mærkelige – og høje – lyd 😉

  3. fruenimidten 16. december 2011 hos 10:16 #

    Åh åh, det er lige som at prøve at holde host tilbage; det ender næsten altid værre, end hvis man ingenting havde gjort..

    Og så elsker jeg altså Ellens bemærkning ‘studenter i Calvados’ – fantastisk 🙂

    • Kong Mor 16. december 2011 hos 13:43 #

      Det gør det nemlig.. Ungerne taler stadig HØJT om det.. overalt.. mindre fedt 😉
      For nu ved alle nemlig, at det var mig..

  4. Madame 16. december 2011 hos 17:33 #

    Åh din stakkel – ja, jeg ved, hvordan nys kan komme på de mest ubelejlige tidspunkter, og der er bare intet at gøre 🙂 Godt at du kunne gemme dig bag mængden!

  5. Michelle 16. december 2011 hos 22:14 #

    I am very humbled that you wrote this one in English!! I knew you could do it!! Now we’re all ready to make “Kong Mor the Movie”. A Jane I know and I have already cast Connie Nielsen as you. We thought she had the right combo of traits to pull off this challenging title role. Then we cast Vin Diesel as first man. For some reason, whenever you talk about him in your blogs, that’s the image I get in my head.

    Then we thought that, perhaps, the diva would like to play herself (I mean who else could really pull that off?). The other three clovers we will open cast with promising newcomers. Frankly, we couldn’t think of anyone hunky enough to play Zorro Naldo. We discarded Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Lautner.

    Thanks for the honor of the dedication. I am moved, and humbled.

    Much Love,

    A Michelle you know… aka The Ameridane

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